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How do I connect via Dreamweaver CS5?

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To connect to your website using Adobe Dreamweaver trying the following:

1. Launch Dreamweaver
2. Click 'Site'
3. Then when the drop down menu appears, select 'Manage Sites'
4. Select site and click 'Edit'
5. Select the 'Servers' category and click +
6. Enter the following information on the Basic tab of the Site Setup dialog box:
[*]Server Name: FTP Server
[*]Connect Using: FTP
[*]FTP Address: ftp."your domain name" (without quotes - use if the domain is not registered/pointing to our servers)
[*]Port: 21 Username: "your domain name" (without quotes)
[*]Password: "your FTP password" (without quotes)
[*]Root Directory: public_html
[*]Web URL: http://"your domain name" (without quotes)
7. Expand 'More Options'
8. Select 'Use Passive FTP'
9. Click 'Test'
10. The message Dreamweaver connected to your Web server successfully indicates that you successfully connected to the FTP server.

Please Note * Application servers are not supported. DSN connections to the Database are also not supported. ODBC connections to the Database are not supported. In certain recent versions of Dreamweaver, you may experience problems connecting to our FTP servers. In these cases, please increase the "Connection Timeout" to 10 seconds, and this will resolve the problem.

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