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How do I setup Mac Mail to access my mailbox?

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To setup a mailbox using IMAP within MacMail please follow the instructions below, the details to use for your mailbox can be found here.

[*]Open MacMail and select Mail > Preferences from the menu bar.
[*]Select the Accounts tab and then click the '+' button on the bottom left of the window.
[*]When prompted to Choose a Mail account provider... select Other Mail Account...
[*]From the Add Account screen you can then enter the mailbox details and click Sign in:
[*]Full Name: ;
[*]Email Address:
[*]You'll then be prompted to add the username, mailbox type and server details, once added click Sign in
[*]MacMail will prompt you to choose which apps you want to use (Notes/Mail) and then detect the settings from the stackmail servers and your mailbox will be setup.

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