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How long are access logs and statistics stored for?

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On the linux platform, we store the current half-month that you are in and the previous three half-months. For example, if it is now the 5th June you will have the second half of April, all of May, and the first 5 days of June. At the beginning and in the middle of each month the oldest half-month is deleted. The access log files are stored in your 'logs' directory in the following format:

[*]The current log - access_log
[*]The previous half-month - access_log.1.gz
[*]The half-month before - access_log.2.gz
[*]The half-month before that - access_log.3.gz
[*]The oldest 3 log files are compressed as .gz files.

These must be extracted before they can be read.

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