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I have bought a secure certificate (SSL) with you, how do I know it has been installed correctly?

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We will install any shared web hosting certificate that you purchased with us automatically one the order has been approved. If your domain already points to Eco Web Hosting then we will use file based verification to do so and then let you know once the SSL has been installed.

If the domain is not pointed to our servers then an email will be sent to the admin@ mailbox for the domain/sub-domain that the SSL has been purchased for and we will contact you to let you know the email has been sent. Once the order has been approved through the instructions in this email the certificate is then provisioned and we will install for you.

You need to visit your domain using "https://" at the start if you want to test that this is in place and active -

Similarly don't forget to use https:// not http:// for all your pages that need to be secure, and images and files included within the page need to be referenced using https too, otherwise, these items will be insecure and result in warnings.

For details on the installed certificate, your internet browser when visiting the secure page/site should display a locked 'padlock' icon in the bar - click this icon to open the properties and display the details of your secure certificate.

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