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How can I change the nameservers for my domain?

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Nameservers are the servers that are consulted when a request is made to a domain name.

Nameservers hold Domain Name System (DNS) records, which in turn specify the servers that the intended request (for a website, for the mail server of an e-mail recipient, etc.) should be sent to.

Often, nameservers are pre-configured with the correct DNS records for a domain to work with a service package provided by a company (as is the case with Eco Web Hosting), and so changing the nameservers is an easy way to get your domain to work with that service.

If your domain is held with Eco Web Hosting

If a domain name is held with Eco Web Hosting, you can change its nameservers through the Domain Control Panel for your domain.

Providing the domain is held with us, the option to change the nameservers will appear when you open the control panel for your domain:


** If your domain was registered/transferred from October 2017 onwards (or is a UK domain) then the Change Nameservers icon will now be slightly different but otherwise the process will remain the same. **

If your domain is held with another company

If the domain is held with another company, you would need to set the nameservers with that company. To get a domain held with another company to work with your Eco Web Hosting package, you would need to change your domain's current nameservers to our nameservers:

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