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How do I configure my domain to work with CloudFlare?

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When first setting up a CloudFlare account, or when adding a new domain, your CloudFlare account will offer a service to scan the domain's DNS to automatically configure this for you.

As long as the domain is already pointing towards your Eco Web Hosting services this will be all that is needed as the DNS will be automatically picked up when this runs. When this completes your DNS will be listed and you'll be given the nameservers to update your domain to in order to configure with your CloudFlare account

Updating your domain's nameservers

If the domain is registered through Eco Web Hosting you can make these changes by going to the Manage Domain Names page, clicking on the domain and then using the Change Nameservers option to make the change:


** If your domain was registered/transferred from October 2017 onwards (or is a UK domain) then the Change Nameservers icon will now be slightly different but otherwise the process will remain the same. **

If the domain is not registered through Eco Web Hosting then you can make the change to the nameservers through your domain registration service provider.

When configured this is all you will need to update and once the changes have fully propagated all traffic for your site will be routed through Cloudflare.

**Please note, if any of the IP addresses for your services change, or you want to update specific DNS entries (eg. MX records for your e-mail) then you will need to make these changes through your CloudFlare account else they will not take effect on your domain.**

If you need to check the DNS for your domain you can login to the hosting control panel and then go to Domains > Manage DNS and view the individual DNS setup for your domain on our servers

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