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Why can’t I signup/verify my course to claim free hosting?

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There are three common issues when signing up or verifying your Udemy course that can cause the verification to fail....

1 - Your Udemy username is incorrect

This will cause the verification to fail as the script will read your profile page in order to check for the course. If you want to double-check you have the right Username you can test this using the following URL by replacing 'username' with what you believe the username to be, this should then show your profile page with the course(s) -

If this gives you a page not found error please see the article "I’m not sure of my Udemy username". If the page shows your profile with no courses please see no. 2 below...

2 - Your Udemy profile is set to private

Your profile will need to be set to public in order for the script to be able to verify your purchase (you can switch this back to private once verified if you prefer). To check the privacy settings you will need to login to your Udemy account and click on the profile icon in the top right corner (this will have a generic icon if you haven't uploaded a profile picture) and select ‘My profile’.
On the subsequent page you can then click on 'Privacy' and then ensure that both options are ticked to make your profile public to allow the script to verify your purchases:


3 - Your Udemy username already exists

This can occur if you already have an Eco Web Hosting account or you have already verified a previous course, for more information please see the article "What can I do if I get a message saying my email/Udemy username is already registered?"

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