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Managing Your Account

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Your two main options to configure domains and hosting can be found in the Manage Your Services section:

Manage Hosting Packages ('View Hosting Packages' if a reseller) - this option will allow you to access the hosting control panel for any packages you created, from there you can configure/manage email, FTP and use the various scripts and one-click installers available on our hosting.

Manage Domains - this option will allow you to manage the domain names themselves by selecting the domain you want to manage. A domain that shows a purchase/expiry date is registered through Eco Web Hosting and will have more options to manage. For these domains, you can update contact details, change the nameservers, update the DNS and you also have access to the options to transfer the domain away if needed.

A domain showing as a reference on this page means that the domain is either not registered or is registered with a third party. If such domains have hosting attached the only option you will have is DNS Management which will allow you to update specific DNS entries if needed.

To check the status of your Eco Web Hosting account the menu on the left-hand side of the page when first logging in gives you a number of options including your account type and expiry date as well as the ability to update your contact details, view your invoices and contact support:

If you need to renew anything on your account you can do so from the Renew Your Services option which is also found in the Manage Your Services section mentioned earlier in this guide:


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