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Managing Your Email

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Once you have created a mailbox for an e-mail address in the control panel, there are two main ways to access and manage your email: through webmail or setting your mailbox up through an email client such Outlook or the default mail programme on your laptop or device.

Accessing Webmail

You can log in to your webmail at any time by going to or, or (replace with your domain name). You log in with the email address and the password you entered when you created the mailbox.

Using A Mail Client

To download your e-mail on to your computer you need an e-mail program such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express.

If you want to set your mailbox up on an email client the general settings will remain the same and are in the following format:

Incoming Server ("Account Settings" > "Server Settings")

Server Name:
Username: Your e-mail address
Port: 993
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: "Normal password"

Outgoing Server (SMTP)

Server Name:
Port: 587
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Authentication method: "Normal password"
Username: Your e-mail address

To check your mailbox details you can login to the hosting control panel and go to the Email Accounts section and this will show your email address and allow you to reset mailbox password.

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